22 Things Gen Yers Love That Gen Xers Just Don’t Get

1. Gen Y’s undying nostalgia and sorrow over the the loss of Surge. View this image ‘ en.wikipedia.org 2. The concept of the Spice Girls’ ‘Girl Power’ being a form of feminism. View this image ‘ Brenda Chase / Getty Images 3. Hanson. Gen Xers: Ask not, ‘What is an MMMbop?’ for one

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This Is Why Generation Y Fucking Hates Online Dating

I am Generation Y. Do not millennial me unless youd like a kick in the teeth. I get that were ambiguous. Too young to be Gen X, too old to be Millennials.One article found on can even be quoted as saying, Generation Y is a fake, made-up thing. Do not worry about it. I am generation Y. I was

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Dating Tips for Girls: One quality that makes you attractive to men

Make sure you understand what fundamental qualities and traits make you attractive to men. Meet guys, eye contact, love advice, single men, singles, dating online, romance, long term relationship, guys who cheat, commitment issues, jealousy, control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDm8Sp9rX6A

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